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Welcome to Zen Yoga Massage™ in Vancouver, BC. I specialize in Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu Therapy, and Personalized Yoga Sessions.

I am an experienced Shiatsu Therapist for 20 years and experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance for 9 years.

Please click The List of Services to view several options. All therapeutic sessions are given on an infrared mat for your optimal healing potential (optional). My Popular Specialty is the Deep Tissue massage enhanced with Acupressure, the signature Zen Yoga Massage™ Package and the Hot Stone Massage. Enhance your session with 15 minutes of  Craniosacral Therapy at the end of your session to receive longer-lasting results. 

I invite you to try an integrative approach to wellness. My intention is to encourage presence and to listen to the innate healing potential that the body has to offer.

What is Zen Yoga Massage™?

Zen Yoga Massage™ is an integration of holistic asian bodywork, yoga and partner yoga. It can enhance a private yoga session and it can also be designed for couples, friends and individuals ( that we can find partners for) who want to get bodywork and get stretched after a long week of work.

Partner yoga is a wonderful and supportive way to gently assist one another in an asana. It can enhance body-mind connection in order to perceive sensations from the inside out for optimal alignment and movement. The unique sequence of ZYM™ is a flowing integration of  bodywork modalities and movement that are seamless. Your body weight is utilized by using your knees, palms, elbows and thumbs to apply comfortable and alleviating pressure on your partner. Learning how to safely apply the techniques with good body mechanics is all part of the guided instruction. Guided instruction every step of the way is presented with easy techniques that don’t require strength.

The intention of ZYM™ is for the body to move with ease,  encourage energy flow along the meridians known in Traditional Chinese Medicine, gain the gifts of energy exchange  and to enhance ones’ yoga practice.

Learn how to apply pressure by simply walking on someone’s feet or press on acupressure points by using your body weight. Enjoy being passive as you are being stretched in  areas of the body where it is difficult to stretch on your own. How about finally alleviating your hamstring muscles. Know how it feels to have more sense of expansion in you chest and heart centre when your partner supports you in cobra. What if you fully embraced your heart into the earth during locust as supporting hands are gently pressing into your upper back?

A modality such as; Sotai will also be integrated. It is a gentle contract- relax method to change the body’s stretch reflexes which allows for elongated stretching. The options are limitless.

ZYM™ is available to the laymen. No pre-requisites. Actually, there is one and that is just being open to receiving and giving. Couples, friends  and singles can reap the benefits by receiving and giving ZYM™ at workshops. Through energy exchange and with the guidance of this focal sensory experience we can offer intention to help one another gain body awareness. It can be a regular practice if there is demand for de-stressing at the end of the work week.

The Benefits of of Zen Yoga Massage™

For the recipient:

-Increase ease of movement.

-Enhance vital energy.

-Increase energy flow along the meridians (channels associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine).

-Increase the range of motion of the joints.

-Maintain body alignment.

-Enhance body awareness.

-Gain the gifts of energy exchange. 

-Enhance ones’ yoga practice.

ZYM™ is a dynamic conduit that can aid in the continuous un-folding of your yoga practice. I hope to see you at Zen Yoga Massage workshop or private session!!


  yoga-inspired: A Healing ART Massage

I had the pleasure of receiving both bodywork and Zen Yoga Massage “ from Yanti. After a few bodywork sessions; I left with a heightened sense of well-being. One time, I went to her with an awful headache and within minutes it was completely gone! My partner and I did a private session of ZYM™ together. Yanti’s style made it so easy to understand ( and I had never heard of ZYM™ before !) and fun to do. Whenever I would experience some difficulty, Yanti was able to immediately pinpoint what was needed and then provide me with the exact  instruction and assistance I needed to succeed.

Jim Chapman, Organization Consultant,

Victoria, BC.



It is my pleasure to introduce concepts of human touch infused with yoga as a path towards self awareness and self healing as it provided for


Yanti Mangunatmodjo, RST, E-RYT,

Craniosacral Therapist

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